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  • Thương hiệu.:trong tiếng Anh
  • Mô hình:TS-101
  • Số mặt hàng:TS-101
  • Cách hoạt động:Cơ khí
  • Chức năng thời gian:Không có thời gian
  • Chế độ nguồn:USB
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SAFE AND HEALTHY---Bottom of drinking water pump made of food grade silicone hose, no smell, non-toxic, high temperature resistance and cold resistant, , using the best insulation or high density ABS plastic shell, solve bacteria in drinking fountains and other health problems.

EASY TO INSTALL AND USE---The installation of this product is very simple, You just need to insert it into the bottle that needs to be pumped, and you can pull the water out of the bottle by pressing the button.

CONVENIENT AND PRACTICAL---Compared with the traditional pump, you no longer need to press the pump continuously to drink the water. You only need to press the switch to easily drink the water in the bottle.

PORTABLE WATER PUMP---Wireless design, which means you can use it anywhere, it can be used not only in the office, at school, but also when you are camping or traveling.

USB CHARGING---This product has an Android charging port and a large capacity lithium battery, you can use the Android data cable to charge for reuse.



---Replaced by hand pressure water and bacteria in drinking fountains after repeated boiling cooling breeding and other health problems, family health drinking water necessary.
---Easy to install and use it.
---It can be used while you insert it in the mouth of bottled water.
---Suitable for a variety of models barrel without pry the lid.

Product Parameter
Stainless Steel

13.5 * 9.5 * 9.3 ( cm )
Power (W):
Voltage (V):
Rated Frequency:
50 (HZ)
Charging Time:
about 3-4 hours
Drinking Fountain Type:
Single Cold Type
Silicone Tube Length: